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What (unnecessary) pre-installed programs should (bloatware) I remove when buying a new laptop or desktop PC?

When buying a new laptop or desktop PC, there may be some pre-installed programs that you do not need or want. These programs are commonly referred to as “bloatware,” and they can take up valuable space on your computer and slow down its performance. Some of the unnecessary pre-installed programs that you may want to remove include trial versions of antivirus software, games, and productivity suites. However, it’s important to note that some pre-installed programs may be necessary for your computer to function properly, so it’s recommended to do some research before removing any programs. HP laptops come with minimal pre-installed software to provide users with a streamlined experience. You can even go for the HP ProBook 445 G8 Notebook if you are looking for a PC with DOS. You can download and install Windows 11 for free from Microsoft Wonows’ official product page. This way you can avoid most of the bloatware which comes from OEMs.
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