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Which laptop is best for graphic designers? I need an aluminium based laptop. My budget is 82,000. The graphics card should be 4GB, RAM 8GB, and a 15.6 screen.

If you’re thinking of doing serious, professional graphics designing work, then you’ll have to increase your budget. At that budget, you’ll mostly get consumer-grade laptops that might give you the specs, but they won’t give you the required reliability. Plus, you’ll not find any with Aluminum build at that price. There are many with consumer-level graphics, like Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti, but those are good for gaming and not graphics design work. For serious graphics design work, go for Nvidia Quadro series based mobile workstations. Mobile workstation-based laptops offer more for graphic designing than their gaming counterparts since they are built from the ground up for the work. HP ZBook 15 G6 Mobile Workstation is one of the few options available with Nvidia Quadro series graphics. Aluminum body or chassis laptops will have heat dissipation issues, so avoid going for those. The cooler your machine runs, the longer it will last.

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