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As a data scientist, what is your laptop configuration?

“Data scientists need powerful machines because they have to deal with huge data sets and files that can run into MBs or even GBs. They process this data using tools like SQL, R, Python, Hadoop, LaTeX, etc. A normal laptop can’t handle this kind of load. You should go for a laptop with the latest generation CPU (12th gen is the latest from Intel), either from Intel or AMD. An Intel Core i7 or higher is recommended. Go for at least 16 GB RAM, and upgrade to 32 GB as the data sets become heavier. A GPU is a must for Data scientist, so something like a GeForce 10 or Quadro from Nvidia or higher is recommended. Go for at least 1 TB SSD for storage. If you’re looking for some good machines, then check out the HP ZBook series of laptops. You’ll find a device with specs that are suitable for you.

If you’d like to learn more about which notebook is right for you, then check out the tech4growth section on dqindia website or the nextgenit section on ciol website.”

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