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How do I know if my existing peripherals (monitor, printers, etc.) will be compatible with a new laptop purchase?

If you opt for a Windows laptop, any printer with Wi-fi and USB connectivity will be compatible with the new device. About the display, it depends on what type of connectivity the monitor has. If it’s HDMI (which is most likely), then any laptop with HDMI or mini-HDMI connectivity is good. But if you are using an old display with VGA or DVI connectivity, you have to buy a converter/adapter to make it compatible. Such converters are really inexpensive and can be found on Amazon easily. If you are looking for a new laptop with all the latest features and connectivity then check out the HP Pavilion 14-dv2016TU. Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core i5 and 16 GB RAM, it’s a perfect combination for performance. This device comes with features like HDMI 2.1 port, USB Type-C connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) & Bluetooth 5.2 combo, fingerprint reader, and backlit keyboard. So, this device will support any printer and monitor you have without any connectivity or compatibility issues.
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