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For recording vocals, what’s the best low budget laptop style setup? I’m currently using GarageBand software.

Garageband is not a heavy software, so if you plan to use something similar, then I suggest you go for a laptop with at least a Core i5 CPU coupled with 4 GB or higher RAM. In case in the future you plan to use other software like Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools, etc. then you need slightly higher specs.

I would recommend you to check out the HP 250 G7 Notebook. It’s a business laptop powered by Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor, Intel UHD Graphics and 8 GB SDRAM. The laptop has 1 TB storage which would suffice your need of storing numerous audio and other content. The laptop even has a DVD-RW to store your recordings for later reference. This will take the load off the hard drive.

Being a business laptop, it’s designed to keep you up with mobile workstyles with a thin and light design. Plus, it has a durable chassis that protects the laptop from physical damages.The laptop’s price starts around Rs. 43,000. If you an stretch your budget a little bit, then also check out the HP Probook 340S G7. It has an SSD, which would easily be able to handle the other music software applications I just mentioned. Its cost starts around Rs. 50,000.

If you’d like to know more, then check out the blogs on tech4growth section of dqindia website or the nextgenit section of ciol.

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