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What is the best laptop for programming in C, Java, Python, and some major programming like cyber security and app developing?

A programmer can work on any laptop with a decent hardware configuration as it doesn’t require any graphic rendering or huge processing power. However, that depends on the application which he is using and other factors, for example, developers host the application locally on their laptop, and then they test its functionality. Also, developers use emulators that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system and some work with large data sets or modelling. In this case, the laptop requires competent processing capacity.
I recommend the HP 348 G7 Notebook. It’s powered by Intel Core i7 processor with Intel UHD Graphics, and 8 GB RAM. It can easily handle most applications that developers use.

Plus you get the added advantage of essential security features for a business, like hardware TPM and a minor spill-resistant keyboard.
Another important factor to consider is the version of Windows. I recommend going for Windows Professional instead of Home edition because it supports most programming languages.

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