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Is it best to buy a refurbished laptop or a new laptop?

Vendors selling re-furbished laptops will usually try to attract buyers by promising really good specs at a very low price. Please note that the price is so low due to a reason, so be very careful while buying such a device. For one, it will usually have older gen hardware inside, e.g. the vendor might promise an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU with a licensed version of Windows and lots of software. This will most probably be an older Gen CPU and all your applications will run very slowly on it. So, first check which generation CPU does it have. In 2023, you’ll get 11th or 12th Gen CPUs. You won’t get these in the re-furbished CPU, but even if it’s a 10th CPU, it should be ok. If it’s anything lower, then stay away. It will just not give you the desired performance. Second, make sure the return policy is available before paying, That way, if the device is underperforming or malfunctioning, then you have the option of a 2nd chance. Third, check the warranty and how well will the vendor be able to give you the service and support when you need it. With new laptops from reputed vendors like HP for instance, you can really good support, including engineer visits to your home. Check if the re-furbished laptop vendor be able to give you this level of service.
Unless you’re in dire straits and on a very low budget, I’ll recommend going for a new laptop instead. It will save you the hassles of performance and support.

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