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Can playing games on a laptop damage the hardware if the laptop is not designed for gaming specifically?

Playing games on a laptop that is not designed specifically for gaming can put additional stress on the hardware, which can potentially lead to damage over time. This is because games require a lot of processing power and can generate a lot of heat, which can cause the hardware to overheat and fail prematurely. Additionally, laptops that are not designed for gaming may not have dedicated graphics cards or sufficient cooling systems, which can further increase the risk of damage. For gaming, I would recommend getting a laptop specifically designed for gaming, with gaming-grade features, adequate specs, and an advanced cooling system such as the HP Omen 16 gaming laptop. These devices have dedicated graphics cards, top-end CPUs, large RAM, Gen4 SSDs, 144 Hz display, anti-ghosting keyboards, more powerful batteries, and above all Tempest cooling system to handle the heat of gaming.
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