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Is it more cost-effective to rent or buy computers/laptops/servers for an organisation, (this could be for a short term project – 3 to 6 months or a long term usage – 1 to 2 years), and how much does one actually save in buying vs renting?

“Renting laptops instead of buying has many benefits especially for small businesses and startups. By renting laptops, you don’t have to pay the full price upfront nor do you have to stick with the same device for years. So, it’s a cost effective solution and flexible to your demand. On the other hand, by using the rental option, you keep your approach more scalable according to opportunities. Whenever there is a new technology in the market, you can opt for it without any major upfront investment. A reliable tech support, convenient delivery and pickup makes it easy for you while expanding or setting up temporary offices, saving on logistics.

Typically for a new 30K INR Laptop, the monthly rental is somewhere around 2-2.5K. For a usage of 3 months total spend would be 7.5K. So, it’s clearly 75% savings compared to buying the laptop.

But for a productive solution always choose brand new laptops powered by latest gen components even while renting. This is something hard to find, and it makes choosing the right rental service difficult. For instance check out the Lease with Ease website from HP. They are one of a kind rental service provider who offer brand new laptops for rental instead of used old gen laptops. The company also has lots of service centers in each city to ensure owner-like customer support even on rental.
If you want to know more about laptop rentals, visit Lease With Ease Website”

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