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My budget is Rs. 80,000 and I want to purchase a laptop for graphic design and animation. Which one should I go for, Intel i7 or AMD processor?

Laptop with Intel CPU will be a better platform for Graphic designing and animation over AMD. That’s because Adobe programs are better optimized for Intel processors. Even if you enable hardware acceleration for the AMD Ryzen series of processors in Photoshop, it will still have issues. That may change in the future but as things stand, Intel processors are much better for graphic designing and animation than AMD. Take a look at any laptop manufacturer that is also in the enterprise machines business and you will see all of them offering Intel-based laptops or mobile workstations for graphic designing instead of AMD. Since your budget is Rs. 80,000 I would suggest going with a laptop with dedicated graphics like the Hp probook 450 g7. It is under Rs. 80,000 and comes an Intel i7 and Nvidia MX250. Adobe allows GPU Acceleration in Premier and Nvidia graphic cards are better suited for Adobe than AMD Vega graphics. If you are looking for a mobile workstation that can replace your desktop for graphic designing then you will be much better off with the Hp zbook line of mobile workstations. They are expensive but will offer you the same level of performance as a desktop would.

If you’d like to learn more about which laptop is right for you, then check out the tech4growth section on dqindia website or the nextgenit section on ciol website.

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