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Do you recommend a beginner (who wants to do video editing, graphic designing, digital marketing, etc.) to start with an expensive laptop? Why and why not? Which laptop do you suggest?

If your budget allows you to go for an expensive laptop then by all means go with an expensive machine. The higher price of expensive laptops mostly denotes that better materials have been used in manufacturing the machine. You’ll not need a lot of compute power for digital marketing, but you’ll definitely need higher specs for video editing, graphics designing, animations, etc. A mobile workstation will make more sense in such a case. These are proper desktop replacement laptops. Graphic designing and video editing push the CPU and the GPU to the limit depending on the program you are using. A mobile workstation laptop is built to handle those heavy loads and can run for hours while maintaining good thermal temperatures to stop the CPU and GPU from throttling. A good mobile workstation would be the Hp zbook 15v g5. It has the Nvidia Quadro series of graphics cards and comes with either an Intel i7 or an Intel i9. They have other options as well specifically for graphic designers on their website. Also, since it is HP, you can depend on their vast customer support network to help you out.

If you’d like to learn more about which laptop is right for you, then check out the tech4growth section on dqindia website or the nextgenit section on ciol website.

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