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Optimizing Gaming Laptops for Best Battery Backup | Gaming Laptop under 2 Lakh

Are you a gamer?

Have you ever got stuck in a situation where your laptop battery dies when you are about to win a critical match?

It’s a nightmare, and to avoid it, you have to take adequate care of your laptop’s battery.

Customize the power plan for gaming laptops for better performance than the Balanced option available in desktops. When unplugged, you can get maximum performance by changing the settings.
Minimize the time for Hard disk turn off, Display turn off, Sleep, Hibernate, to save battery power.

Things like Turning your brightness to 50% when you are not playing games, turning off Unwanted Background Applications, Maintain optimal temperature, Unplugging unnecessary gaming accessories, using LAN over Wifi, and using wired headset instead of Bluetooth, can save a lot of battery.
Along with it, remember to never overcharge your battery; neither drain it completely; Connect the charger when the battery level is under 30% and remove it when it’s over 90%.

Using a third party application for controlling fan speed, overclocking hardware frequencies and other aspects is a good idea to derive the best performance out of the device.

HP has designed an HP OMEN 16-b1361TX gaming Laptop to exactly meet the need of a gaming laptop with a good battery backup.
Its’ features include:

12th gen Intel Core i7 CPU
RTX 3060 (6 GB GDDR6).
230 W AC Adapter Li-Ion polymer battery.
8+ hours of battery backup for years.

Which makes it a great Gaming laptop with a good Battery Backup.

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