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Why You Need Dedicated Graphics Beyond Gaming?

Usually, we focus on CPU and RAM while purchasing a new PC. GPUs come under consideration when you need to buy a PC for gaming or graphics-intensive work. However, dedicated GPUs are useful in increasing the overall performance of your PC by reducing the load on the CPU. Sometimes CPU usage can exceed 80 percent just because the onboard GPU is taking a lot of time to do graphics rendering. Here are a few things where having a GPU really helps:

Video editing and graphics rendering

This is an obvious one. You can’t use professional video editing software or apply complex filters to photos without a dedicated GPU. The rendering would simply take too long. It’s, therefore, better to go for a dedicated GPU if you plan on doing a lot of video editing and rendering work. In fact, nowadays, a lot of videos are created at higher resolutions, including 4K displays. This can’t be done without a powerful dedicated GPU.

Better Internet Browsing experience

Having dedicated graphics also improves your internet browsing experience. Whatever web browsers you use out of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, all can tap into a GPU to improve page load times. Even when you stream videos from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. they first compress and then decompress the video before you actually see it. A dedicated GPU can offload a lot of video rending work them from the processor.

Faster Programming

If you are a programmer, who’s working with game development tools, or using multiple displays for creating different content simultaneously, then a dedicated GPU would enhance PC performance. Dedicated GPUs would also help while running software Simulators and Emulators.

Faster Windows GUI Performance

Even Windows benefits from a dedicated GPU for rendering certain elements of the user interface (UI) like effects and animations. The dedicated GPU would process them quickly and smoothly. Even if you have an old PC and add a dedicated GPU card along with insufficient memory, you will notice significantly better performance.

Machine Learning

ML is a key component of Artificial Intelligence, and is used to process very large volumes of data with the help of algorithms. You can’t run Machine Learning apps on a PC or laptop without Dedicated Graphics.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mining

This is a very resource-intensive process that often requires special rigs. However, nowadays, people can even do it using their PCs or laptops, provided they have dedicated GPUs in them.


Though purchasing a PC or laptop with dedicated GPU is costlier, but the performance will be far better than integrated graphics. Most laptops come with models with both onboard as well as dedicated graphics. HP, for instance, has an entire series with dedicated graphics called Z by HP. Even the home and business use series have dedicated graphics. You can, for instance, buy the HP laptop 15s-eq2146AU with an AMD Ryzen 3 CPU and Radeon graphics for as low as Rs. 37,000.

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