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Why PCs are Essential for Micro and Small Businesses to Boost Business

Over the past decade, having a PC and access to the Internet has become a key method to reach customers and communicate with employees, suppliers, and the public. This has led to an era where businesses are no longer limited by physical space but can operate virtually from any location and at any time. Today, having a strong digital presence is essential for success and often simply for survival too. The basic building block for enabling your digital presence is the PC, which could be either a desktop or a laptop. You need the right one to help you perform various business functions. There are many micro and small businesses even today that use PCs for only basic account keeping and email. PCs can help you do much more. Let’s understand this in more detail.

Easier Inventory Management
PCs can replace pen-paper methods of record-keeping, and also increase the processing speed. By incorporating PCs in micro-businesses like retail shops and wholesale storefronts, owners can get rid of files and notebooks. Nowadays, there are so many online services available for doing this. All you need is a PC with Internet access and the online service will keep track of all your stocks and notify you before any of them runs out. This way, ordering new stock, replenishing it, and putting offers on older stocks becomes much easier for business owners.

Personalized Solutions
Micro businesses like retail stores and wholesalers frequently face customer problems, where treating them with personalized offers becomes necessary. Many regular buyers often want to opt for easy payment methods and installments. Also, there will always be a segment of buyers looking for products on credit. As a business, you can’t avoid them completely. Still, by maintaining their deals separately and providing them with offers they are looking for, you will need a centralized system from which you can keep track of everything. PCs are a must to do that.

Utilizing Business Productivity Apps
Productivity apps are designed to help businesses improve operational efficiencies, replace tedious paper-based processes, and reduce costs. The most commonly used productivity software packages include office productivity, accounts, communications, and email.

To utilize any business productivity apps you want, you need a reliable PC with decent specs. For instance, the HP All-in-One 22-dd0302in PC might be a good choice. It comes with AMD Ryzen 3 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, and an onboard AMD Radeon GPU for just Rs. 41,000. It is a powerful PC to tackle your busiest days with the performance of a reliable processor and the best buy, especially if you are on a budget.

Easier Accessibility of Records
Every business needs financial aid at some point, and the financial services call for a lot of paperwork before giving anything. Maintaining all your records using any digital application makes it easier to access even years old data you are looking for. This way, you not only save a lot of paper but also save your time by sharing the required documents with authorities digitally.

As most of the data is created by a predetermined system and kept safe by third-party servers, the chance of forgery is also reduced. So, now other stakeholders can’t just intervene with your business without proper rights, as you have all the data safe in the system.

Bring Your Business Online
As most consumers today turn to the Internet to find everything from gifts to grocery orders, the popularity of online shopping is growing with a variety of products and services. The technology offers artisans, clothing and accessories designers, and painters the opportunity to set up online shops instead of investing in expensive storefronts. Even businesses with storefronts can create online stores to expand their visibility and reach target markets beyond their surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

An excellent PC to invest in for the same would be the HP All-in-One 27-cb1345in All-in-One PC. It comes with a 12th-gen Intel Core i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM, and Intel UHD GPU at a budget of Rs. 54,000. It is a worthy one-time investment that can push your business forward for the next 6-7 years.

Insightful Marketing Solution
Being in a business is like being in an endless race. To win the race, you need to identify the key factors, rework crucial points and keep track of how your new strategies are performing as compared to old ones. In order to visualize these, you need to use all customer, process, commercial, and product data in an organized format. But to draw insights out of those, you have to depend on pie charts, diagrams, and various other types of graphical representations of data. You can achieve that by turning your business process digital and learning various office tools to do the job.

Reduce Marketing Costs
With the rise of the Internet, there has been a huge surge in various social media platforms. These platforms are designed to connect people and are becoming powerful and relatively inexpensive marketing channels that both large and small businesses can use. Through the Internet, you can get your products and services right in front of your target audience without having to take the help of a formal marketing agency to do it for you at a much higher cost.

Automated Systems and Resource Sharing
The Internet has opened up a million ways to make your life as a business owner easier. You can do your accounting and customer service online and get customized solutions that automate the way customers buy your goods and services. In addition, the Internet allows you to exchange knowledge and information quickly and easily. In short, you can streamline processes and save valuable man-hours when doing tedious tasks.

Beat the Heat of Competition
If you plan with your venture, you have to take up the fight (in a business sense) against your competitor. To beat the competition, one needs to understand the strategy of the opponent and then counter it. To that, identifying key components like target customers, performing products, upcoming trends, etc., are extremely crucial. It can be done by incorporating data science and analytics. Many data analytics applications are out there these days. You do not need to be an expert in data science or IT. Such applications are widely popular, and your competitors are already using them more than you know.

Thus, a basic PC setup has become essential for growth, strategy development, and a pleasant customer experience in today’s times. An all-in-one system may be everything that your store-to-door setup may need. The HP All-in-One 27-cb1456in AIO PC is a great option to rely on for your business setup for 2022. It features 12th-gen Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris X GPU, 240Gb M.2 SSD, and 1 TB HDD for Rs. 65,000 price tag. The 27″ 1080P FHD display and the wireless keyboard-mouse combo make this a minimal but robust setup.

Flexible Work Environment
Having a computer system handy gives owners and their employees the power to work from the office, home, or on the go from anywhere in the country. By enabling them to recruit talent from around the world, technology can help companies gain a competitive advantage in the global arena.

Improved Interactions with Customers
Business owners no longer have to send out surveys to customers and wait weeks for responses, nor do they have to call customers to get feedback. Now easy connections can be established with customers through email, blogs, social media, and forums which operators can leverage by taking customer feedback and immediately applying it to their business when they see fit. There are online survey tools available that can be used to conduct surveys to understand your target customers better.

Keep your Customer Data Secure
Turning your business completely digital is safer than physical business in many aspects. Not only are your business documents safe in digital form, but your transactions, the data of your target consumers and regular customers, and even your money are safe from forgery or theft.

It’s no secret that the explosion of the Internet has irrevocably changed the face of the economy. Although it may seem that having a good network of systems and being in power with technology, the Internet is the beginning and end of all commercial activities, it is always better to consider your company’s needs and then weigh the pros and cons of incorporating the Internet into your business model. Having a PC or laptop with an Internet connection is the essential starting point.

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