Laptops for Data Science/Programming

The Perfect Laptop for a Promising Career in Data Science

Digital adoption is on the rise across sectors, and with the advent of affordable smartphones and data plans, more number of people now turn to online platforms for a wide variety of reasons ranging from online shopping to timely paying of bills. As a result, an insurmountable amount of data is now getting accumulated every single day. As the popular jargon goes, data is undoubtedly the new oil. However, filtering all the data and making sense out of it is not possible for a layman. The structured and unstructured data needs to be segregated, and that is where data science comes in.

Data, once deciphered, is a vital tool for businesses and companies of all sizes. The interpretation of big data has successfully led to the transformation of age–old business models thus leading to the creation of newer and more profitable ones. This is probably why data science is turning out to be one of the most lucrative career options in the present age, with a number of large companies increasingly looking to hire qualified data scientists. A recent report by Great Learning states that there are nearly 93,500 data science jobs vacant in India with top notch companies actively looking to recruit data scientists. And the one device that data scientists cannot do without is a laptop.

What Laptop Does a Student Opting for a Career in Data Science Require?

Just as analyzing data is not possible for every software professional or programmer, handling the tools, software and platforms required by data scientists is not possible for any laptop. A data scientist’s laptop needs to work on visualization tools such as Plotly, Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, AnyChart, and so on.

Furthermore, the laptop needs a lot of processing power to enable the seamless functioning of software used by data scientists namely RapidMiner, Dataiku, Anaconda, MATLAB is computing and Databricks among others. Also, it goes without saying that at least 16 GB RAM, good battery backup and SSD storage of 512GB or better with a large screen would be essential as data scientists are required to work for hours to analyze datasets.

Why ZBooksby HP May Be the Best Option Available for Data Scientists?

This is where the HP Zbook mobile workstations can prove to be a game-changer for data scientists. Z by HP claims to be the world’s most powerful workstation with GPU acceleration for data scientists that maximizes time to insight. Data scientists can interact with up to 5 billion dataset rows in milliseconds per click with dual NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 cards.

The largecapacity data science workstations by HP are packed with top-end hardware and software innovations that help data scientists scale as the data grows. An added advantage is that Z opens up the extreme power of GPU acceleration, to help scientists go from batch analysis to click analysis for faster and more accurate insights.

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