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Best Laptop Configuration for Financial Advisers

Whether it’s a business or an individual, financial advisers are needed by everyone to help them invest their savings the right way. That’s why, financial advisors shoulder tremendous responsibility. They need to stay on top of financial markets and schemes and do the required calculations to pull out the most suitable investments for their clients.

They need to keep track of their clients’ portfolios and keep revising the same from time to time based on market situations. For this, they need to a laptop that’s portable to easily carry to client meetings, be powerful enough to run complex spreadsheets for portfolio analysis, run investment tools for market monitoring, investment calculators, and financial tools. etc. A regular laptop is not enough for financial advisors. Here’s what we suggest.

Processing power

To handle vigorous activities, they need a multi-core CPU with a higher clock speed. 11th Gen Intel Core i5 or higher CPU would be a good choice. Six core processors would be enough to handle all tasks. Now couple the CPU with the right amount of memory. What they need is 8 GB or higher RAM to deal with modern applications and multitasking. They can also invest in higher 16 GB RAM for uninterrupted and smooth multitasking. They need ample memory as their work requires opening many tabs and programs simultaneously.

Superfast Connectivity

Financial advisors need to work online to do research, watch various market videos, communicate with clients over email and much more. Their laptop should be equipped with the latest wireless connectivity. So, consider a laptop equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 standards. These give faster connectivity and data transfer rates.

Portable and lightweight

Financial advisors need to travel a lot, and therefore need a that is portable and lightweight. Modern laptops are quite lightweight and come with small screen sizes. 13 or 14 inch screen size would be a good idea, and look for a laptop that maximizes screen size by minimizing the bezel. Plus, look for screens that support Full HD resolution for greater clarity of more working areas on screen. Also, look for higher Nits so that the screen is clearly visible even in direct sunlight. Another important factor for financial advisors is screen angle. As they work with a lot of sensitive financial data, they can’t afford to have people peering over their sides while working in a public area. Today, there are laptops that offer the feature to reduce the screen viewing angle so that nobody else can view the screen from the sides. HP uses a technology called Sure View in its laptops to enable this.

Strong Security

This is critical for financial advisors as they carry a lot of sensitive financial data of their customers. If they use public WiFi networks while traveling, then the laptop becomes vulnerable to data breaches. Software based security like firewalls and anti-virus software may block cyber threats but have their limitations. You need more effective, built-in hardware security to secure the device.

Business laptops like HP ProBook 400 series comes with a suite of hardware and software security tools. For instance, there’s HP Sure Sense that uses deep learning algorithms and advanced neural network technology to recognize newly created malware that traditional antivirus software can’t always detect. Attackers can also hide malware in mail and other files, which might get accidentally downloaded while browsing websites. A laptop with built-in hardware security can provide protection from this.

If your laptop crashes due to some software issues, a feature like HP Sure Recover becomes useful in effectively eliminating software-based malware. It can automatically recover your OS with an Internet connection, so minimizing downtime.


These are some essential features to keep in mind before choosing a laptop. A device like HP ProBook 440 G8 Notebook PC would be a good choice for financial advisors. This series of laptops come with the latest hardware configuration and the much needed security features that are very much required by these professionals.

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